Four Horses

by Tommy Bazarian

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Four Horses was recorded in and around New Haven, CT during the first half of 2014. The 6 tracks on the album were pulled from a collection of about 25 tunes written over the past three years, because they were the best ones and because they seemed to make sense together. The songs were then arranged under a similar aesthetic and tracked by an incredible lineup of CT/NYC musicians from the jazz, folk, and new music worlds. The resulting album is a collection of traditional sounding folk ballads realized in full color—somewhere near the footsteps of Sam Amidon, Iron & Wine, and Elliott Smith.


released January 23, 2015

Lauren Tronick, Harmony Vocals
Oliver Hill, Violin and Viola
Aaron Roche, Trombone
Eli Brown, Trumpet
Jacob Paul, Trumpet
Eva Lawitts, Upright Bass
Hans Bilger, Bass

All songs written, arranged, and recorded by Tommy Bazarian
Mixed by Jim Smith
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Cover photo by Sarah Eckinger
Design by Madeline Ludwig-Leone

© 2014 Tommy Bazarian



all rights reserved


Tommy Bazarian Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Queen of Spades
In every hand I've ever played
I cannot hold the queen of spades
I lose your number call it fate
And all my life I've shown up twenty minutes late
But I don't wear a watch for a reason

Mother Mary close your eyes
See you on the other side
Let's get together while we're high
Cause when the morning comes I won't remember why
I was so haunted and so happy

Goldfish always die
And sinners always come to see the light
So why should it be different for you and I
It wasn't any better then though we both pretend
That the bands had more to say
And nothing every changed

Darling if you were heaven sent
I'm not sure it could prevent
All the shit that I'd invent
And in the end we'd laugh and say it wasn't meant to be
And blame it on the weather

Heroes always bleed
And mountains always fall into the sea
So why should it be different for you and me?
It wasn't that they looked the same
Though I still maintain they were queens by different names
And all of them were spades
Track Name: You're Nice to Be Around
I would love to hold
My arms around you
To hold my arms around you
Cause you're nice to be around
And you're nice to have around me
When the nights are getting long
And the moon is getting slimmer and slimmer
A sliver of all in love to be

And I never had a prayer
Lord I never had a prayer with Bella Rose
Till she broke my fever
Her hand against my forehead
As she kissed my aching eyes
And I swear I came around
To find her sitting on my heart
With a smile and a shade of a darkness
The faith wasn't yours or mine to keep

And all along
The long long road to your address
I was all a shiver
My knees were set to wither
And the sun was going down
And the stars were coming out
But I knew I'd be around you soon
Track Name: Four Horses
No I can't predict the changing weather
What makes you think you'd do better?
I wake up in the morning and I don't know where I am
And all you seasick sailor types
Are spoiling my appetites
Hell I'd probably help you if I only gave a damn
You see I'm not the bigger man
I've never really been
They threw me in the pool and so I had to learn to swim
Had a dream about four horses
Heard hoofs against the tar
Turned out to be the beating of my heart
Baddum, but I'm not sure where I should start

They taught us different words for god
I'd listen to bright rooms applaud
And count up all the times I've wished upon a satellite
And all I've learned from any class
Or sitting still in science lab
Is hey if I sing high enough the sound will turn to light
I never dreamt in black and white
It seemed an awful waste
Like sitting in the back row sniffing glue and eating paste
Never held someone together
They'd get brittle and they'd break
My beating blood is keeping me awake
Baddum, baddum, but I'm not one for fate

Four perfect eyes and nowhere to hide

Back into my room alone
A message on the telephone
Hey are you still up? I said I was but now I'm down
You came over in your shirt and vest
And me inside my sunday best
We sat inside the bathtub drunk and singing Cathy's Clown
Both thinking who will save us now?
It's only me and you
I thought that I could hear your yodalayheeyodahoo
Somewhere deep inside the valley
Pressed my ear against the clay
I heard the horsemen twenty miles away
Baddum, baddum, but I'm safe where I lay

Four perfect eyes and nowhere to hide
Oh you and I will bide our time

That night in January was the coldest that I've ever been
I noticed all the shades of numbness for the very hundredth time
Some TV show left on the air
A German woman sang a prayer
It sounded like a poem but it hardly even rhymed
I knew I had to go outside
I walked down to the beach
I knelt beside the waves and took the shoes off of my feet
Waded out into the water
Till I couldn't feel my knees
Oh I am me

Four perfect eyes and nowhere to hide
Don't look away until we rewind
You and I will bide our time
Hold on to Auld Lang Syne
Track Name: Caro's Waltz
You know that you're on my mind
You know that you are the rind
That keeps me from going sour

Although I can't let you in
You know that you are the fin
That keeps me from rolling sideways

Late in the morning
Opening my eyes
And seeing your face in the mirror
I felt born and bred
And murdered and born again
So when you told me
Plain as you please
That you needed change
I got on my knees
By your mother's couch
Started fishing around
For a coin or two

I am callous as you are kind
I'm jaded as you are blind
And arid as you are fallow
Track Name: John Henry Song
If I had a hammer I would hammer in the morning
And if I had a lantern I'd keep hammering at night
But if that little lantern were to flicker without warning
I would smash it with the hammer
Find another source of light

Sometimes I get guilty when I feel worse than the weather
I sit beneath my covers and I wish that is were gray
So I could go out walking in my coat of Spanish leather
Arm in arm and I'm together
Till the feeling goes away

Oh my oh you
Tell me what am I supposed to do
When the giants in the castle cloud come looking for their goose
Do I do what do I do do do?

Knee-deep in a novel about a kid who steals a locket
Soon enough I'm thinking that it's something I should try
I have to check myself and pull my mind out of my pocket
If I got it I would hock it
Before the conflict could arise

Sitting through a movie where an actor finds a bible
Your hand was in my pocket you were breathing in my ear
I said I couldn't leave until I heard them say the title
Aren't I a Christian idol
And the boyfriend of the year?

Oh my oh a
Tell me what am I supposed to say
When the people from the movies come to carry me away
What do I say what do I say?
What do I say what do I do today?
Track Name: Lonesome Organ Grinder
The kid in me has a skeleton key
He rattles my ribs all the day
When I was he we had dreams of black peaks
God help me they never went away
God help me he never went away

My latest sun is sinking fast
It hurts when I cough but feels good when I laugh
And all in all I hope that it lasts for awhile

There are voices in the morning, Eliza
I think that they're calling for me
I'm a walker, I'm a winder
I'm a lonesome organ grinder
But now I can finally see

That you made a mountain out of me
And you slept in the shade of my trees
You drank my streams and made a memory of me
And now memory is all I can be

My latest sun is sinking fast
It hurts when I cough but feels good when I laugh
And all in all I hope that it lasts for awhile

There's a shadow on the hillside, Eliza
I think it's all over for me
I'm a gatherer, I'm a hunter
I'm a bases loaded bunter
But now I can finally see
That you made a mountain out of me